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400 Years Ago Today

November 5, 2005

Tonight, Britons are shooting fireworks and lighting bonfires to commemorate a fellow named Guy Fawkes. This fellow was actually a traitor to the crown. Guy Fawkes plotted with a group of conspirators to blow up the Parliament and King James I on November 5th, 1605.

The plotters rented a cellar beneath the House of Lords, where they stored 36 barrels (two tons) of gunpowder* to be detonated on the appointed day. However, their plan, which was to be known later as “The Gunpowder Plot,” fell through on the night of November 4th, and Mr. Fawkes was arrested (and then some other bad things happened to him).

It seems Guy Fawkes shared Mr. Crumpet’s fondness for tall hats:

*Guy Fawkes really only needed half as much explosive to carry out his plan.

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