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Twin Tales of Survival

February 23, 2006

Two incredible animal survival stories set in the Antarctic have recently warmed the hearts of the moviegoing public.

Eight Below, which opened in theaters last Friday, dramatizes the six-month ordeal of a team of sled dogs stranded on Antarctica. Although the filmmakers ratcheted up the dog survival ratio from the true-life 1957 Japanese expedition which served as the movie’s inspiration, your tear glands will likely appreciate those changes.

And if you didn’t catch March of the Penguins during its stunning 2005 box office run, the Academy Award-nominated French documentary is now available on home video. The DVD features behind-the-scenes segments almost as fascinating as the movie itself. You also get to see how they mounted a camera on an Emperor penguin named Rodney. (Rodney was not harmed. He did eat some fish, however.)

“I didn’t cry during either movie,” boasts Orange Bear.

“No, of course you didn’t,” smiles Mr. Crumpet.

For the granddaddy of all Antarctic survival stories, check out any of the books or movies on Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famed 1914 expedition.

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