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Giant Is As Giant Does

April 9, 2006

Like any self-respecting bear, Orange Bear enjoys a little rabbit chasing from time to time. Mr. and Mrs. Crumpet rather encourage his behavior, as they are quite fond of their vegetable garden.

However, one giant rabbit in northern England would likely send poor Orange Bear running (and screaming) in the opposite direction. Some are claiming the beast’s pawprints are “about the size of a deer’s” and that it’s about the size of a medium-sized dog!

Villagers are calling this black-and-brown critter “the monster.” Even the mighty British Rabbit Council has corroborated the reports as armed citizens prepare to battle the fearsome beast.

But all is not doom and gloom. Apparently, the Queen herself is a fancier of giant rabbits (also known as the Continental Giant).

And in other mammoth lagomorph news this week, the marriage of Roberto and Amy, two Continental Giants, is stirring heated controversy.

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