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Just Past San Francisco

April 17, 2006

Brob-ding-nag-i-an,” reads Orange Bear. “Just what is this tomfoolery I see in the Categories section, Mr. Crumpet?”

“Why, Brobdingnag was the land of the giants in Gulliver’s Travels. Everything was enormous there ā€” people as tall as church steeples! Oh, and they all lived in Northern California.”

Mr. Crumpet selects a well-worn book from his library. “Now, Orange Bear, listen to Gulliver’s description of a Brobdingnagian cat.”

I heard a Noise behind me like that of a dozen Stocking-Weavers at Work; and turning my Head, I found it proceeded from the purring of this Animal, who seemed to be three times larger than an Ox, as I computed by the View of her Head, and one of her Paws, while her Mistress was feeding and stroaking her. The Fierceness of this Creature’s Countenance altogether discomposed me; though I stood at the further End of the Table, above fifty Foot off, and altho’ my Mistress held her fast for fear she might give a Spring, and seize me in her Talons.

“Quite terrifying,” says Orange Bear.

“Yes, don’t you think?”

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  1. A Feline Ally permalink
    April 18, 2006 8:22 pm

    Alas! Finally a nod to the great cats of God’s Kingdom. And quite a dramatic one at that!

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