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The Amazing Brainkin

June 12, 2006

DS Lite, Nintendo's redesigned handheld game player, was officially released in the U.S. yesterday, much to Phil the Owl's great delight.

"It's smaller, lighter, brighter, so much easier to hold," gushes Phil. "It makes a difference!"

Phil's current obsession is Brain Age, a DS game whose slogan is "Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!" Hmm, "minutes" would seem to be a conservative estimate, at least by Phil's clock.

Brain Age features brain teasers, puzzles, and even Sudoku for good measure, all intended to stretch that gray matter. The game was developed by Nintendo with assistance from Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, a renowned Japanese neurologist — and video game critic, ironically — and has since become a hit among the non-gaming demographic.

"I will grow my brain to outrageous proportions!" announces Phil to no one in particular.

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