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June 20, 2006

Although he's recently been gripped by capybara fever, Mr. Crumpet never really caught the alpaca bug like some of his fellow Mainers.

Like the capybara, the alpaca originally hails from South America. Unlike the capybara, the alpaca resembles a small llama. (The capybara resembles a giant guinea pig.)

For many centuries, alpaca were primarily found in the Andes and domesticated by people living in that region. Today, this good-natured critter is popularly bred all over the world.

Mrs. Crumpet and Orange Bear find themselves championing the alpaca cause in the Crumpet household.

"There are over 20 shades of alpaca fiber," Mrs. Crumpet informs Mr. Crumpet. "And it doesn't itch like wool does."

"Did you know the capybara can stay underwater for five minutes?" asks Mr. Crumpet.

Orange Bear whispers into Mrs. Crumpet's ear. "He's not going down without a fight."

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