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Thirty Days Around the World

August 1, 2006

For the entire month of August, Mr. Crumpet and Orange Bear will be sharing their thirty favorite places around the world.

“Um, there are thirty-one days in August,” Orange Bear points out.

OK, almost the entire month.

“We’ll start with Iceland,” announces Mr. Crumpet.

“Wait, what do we do with the extra day?”

Iceland just happens to be the ancestral home of Mrs. Crumpet’s family. Back in 330 BC, the Greek explorer Pytheas wrote about an island located a few hundred miles north of the British Isles — well-nigh the edge of the world! He named it Ultima Thule (see below).

“Cool name,” says Orange Bear. “They should’ve kept that one.”

“Hmm, Iceland is only ten percent ice. Maybe you should start a campaign.”

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  1. A Feline Ally permalink
    August 6, 2006 11:24 pm

    I see Mr. Crumpet and Orange Bear are far from underly ambitious in their choice of travel spots. Thank you for virtual travel!

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