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Day Two: Patagonia

August 2, 2006

Patagonia is an immense, often breathtaking region shared by Chile and Argentina at the southernmost part of South America. Named after Patagon — a giant in Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s favorite novel Primaleón — the area encompasses a dizzying array of landscapes from wide grassy plains to looming mountains to huge deserts.

“They call it the Land of the Giants,” says Mr. Crumpet. “A real-life Brobdingnag.”

Patagonia also features two enormous ice fields which stretch for hundreds of miles and are studied by scientists researching global climate change.

“What, more ice?” sighs Orange Bear.

“A lot more,” laughs Mr. Crumpet. “The Southern Patagonian Ice Field is the third largest chunk of ice on the planet after Antarctica and Greenland.”

“Think they could send us up a few chunks of that ice? It’s hot as blazes here right now!”

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