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Day Four: Kodiak Island

August 4, 2006

Famed for its namesake brown bears, Kodiak Island is the largest in a chain of islands located along the southwestern coast of Alaska. Kodiak bears (ursos arctos middendorffi) are the largest bears in the world. Some have towered over 11 feet tall on their hind legs!

“Polar bears are the biggest bears,” corrects Mr. Crumpet.

“That’s debatable,” huffs Orange Bear.

Due to the abundance of food in their coastal habitat, Kodiaks are typically a third larger than their inland brethren (i.e. grizzlies). They’re a lot bigger than Orange Bear.


Two-thirds of Kodiak Island is set aside as a national wildlife refuge where over 2,000 Kodiaks roam freely along with other native species, including the red fox and river otter. The 1.9 million-acre refuge has no roads or road access and is accessible only by float plane or boat. KNWR even sports a few small glaciers.

“Do I detect a theme here?” asks Orange Bear.

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