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Day Eleven: Kyoto

August 11, 2006

Kyoto is the Old Capital of Japan, and if you want to get all Shogun à la Richard Chamberlain and James Clavell, then this would be the place.

“Ee, hontou ni, Anjin-san,” * says Orange Bear.

For over a thousand years until the mid-19th century, Kyoto was the seat of power for the Japanese imperial family. Well-preserved temples, traditional gardens, and castles transport visitors way back in time.

Nijo Castle and especially Himeji Castle (45 minutes outside of Kyoto) — both over 400 years old — are great entrées to Japan’s feudal past.

“Well-manicured gardens, castles, tea…reminds me of England,” says Mr. Crumpet.

“But more humid,” adds Orange Bear.

*”That’s right!”

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