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Will Ferrell’s Watch

November 18, 2006

In the new motion picture Stranger than Fiction, Will Ferrell hears Emma Thompson narrating his life. Postmodern hijinks ensue.

“I would’ve liked Orson Welles to narrate my life,” muses Mr. Crumpet.

Forget all the hogwash about meta-narratives, magical realism, and existentialist irony, says Phil the Owl. (He doesn’t really say that.) He does say, “Check out Will Ferrell’s cool watch!”

As part of the movie’s promotional campaign, the Timex Ironman Triathlon Dual Tech Watch (i.e. Will Ferrell’s cool watch) is being given away to the media and the general public (at least in the U.S. and U.K.), but not to Phil. This has, unsurprisingly,  not dampened his enthusiasm.

“Stainless steel strap, Indiglo light, analog and digital time, an auto calendar to the year 2099…” gushes Phil. “And don’t forget the best part: you can turn the digital display on and off with the touch of a button!”

But there is one small problem.

“That I have no wrists, as such?”

Yes, that.

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