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Mr. Crumpet and Dr. Recherché

May 2, 2007

Orange Bear is concerned that the extended period buried beneath the Long-Unfinished Project may be harming Mr. Crumpet’s well-being.

Of late, Mr. Crumpet has sent mysterious and abstruse messages to the above-ground dwellers. Orange Bear intercepted one peculiar comment left by Mr. Crumpet at curiouser and curiouser, which he reprints here as an excerpt:

But they didn’t want to go back to the Old Way…so they just decided to invent a whole new set of rules so esoteric and so inscrutable nobody could usurp their authority ever again. Once safely ensconced in their impenetrable fortress of Special Art Knowledge, the art gnostics née critics lived happily ever after.

“Is he writing about himself?” pondered Orange Bear.

Later, Mr. Crumpet sent the following message to his friend:

It’s troubling enough the first point scored in tennis is 15 and the second 30, but the fact that the third point is 40 defies reason and logic. By sphairistike! It should be 45! Perhaps the tennis gnostics living in their impenetrable fortress of Special Tennis Knowledge could explain that bit of anachronistic postmodernism.
Mr. Crumpet
Dr. Recherché

“Firstly,” thought Orange Bear, “he’s not getting enough air. Secondly, since when did he get internet access down there?

“Thirdly…Dr. Recherché?”

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  1. truce permalink
    May 15, 2007 12:48 am

    I vote we put the art critics and the tennis gnostics into an ivory tower together, and then lock it and run away.

    heh heh.

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