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Catching Up (with Markhors)

August 4, 2007

Some updates for the past month:

Mrs. Crumpet recently dispatched some weeds in the garden. The weeds springing up in this blog — that’s another story.

Phil the Owl was rumored to have already tired of his iPhone and was looking for the Next Big Thing.

Dedushka Yevgeny called from the Big City to the Northwest this past week and moaned about the heat melting his ice cream.

As Orange Bear threw himself into his encyclopedic and comprehensive study of facial hair, he wondered, “Does a markhor count?” Between ruminations he may have run off to go see The Bourne Ultimatum.

Milton Mole played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Mandolin Concerto in C major for…

The still-in-a-big-hole Mr. Crumpet, who not only claimed he’d glimpsed a few fleeting rays of light but hinted, startlingly, that the Long-Unfinished Project was a Lot Less Unfinished.

Dr. Recherché then sent out a press release denying those claims.

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