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Mrs. Cleveland, Where Are You?

September 22, 2007

For some people, like Mrs. Crumpet, the serial tabloid coverage of celebrity exploits is too much.

“It’s everywhere you look,” she sighs.

For others, like Orange Bear, news is news.

“I can’t look away,” he says (also sighing).

“What we need are more role models like Mrs. Grover Cleveland,” declares Mrs. Crumpet, who laments that the former First Lady has been reduced to a mere footnote in history.1

“She was the Jackie Kennedy of her day, and she handled herself with style and grace.”

Orange Bear is not impressed. “She was married to a Muppet?”

1. France Folsom Cleveland (1864-1947) was the youngest First Lady to ever occupy the White House and the only one to marry a sitting American President. Mrs. Cleveland became tabloid fodder during the 1880s, but her popularity was so high that advertisers used her (unauthorized) endorsement to hawk everything from perfume to ashtrays.
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  1. Feline Ally Lilly Light permalink
    November 14, 2007 10:02 am

    Verily there are plenty of Mrs. Clevelands about, and one might discover them, if he or she resigns to set the drivel tabloids (and their clones, copycats) afire. For those ladies are not making salacious gossip column healdines, as such “journalists” would undoubtedly consider their slim lives banal. “News” is euphemistic at best. “The world is the world is the world.” By any other name it is irrefutably the same, and not the Lord’s doing, but rather (His allowing and) that whose domain it is to make our lives full of deadbeat wastes of time.

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