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The Tale of Miss Potter

October 30, 2007

Miss Potter is a warmhearted picture postcard of a movie that came and went in theaters earlier this year, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Crumpet household.

A hundred years ago, there was another British literary giant named Potter — yes, back in those ancient days when they used words like mattoid — and she told fanciful tales of anthropomorphic rabbits and foxes and ducks in idyllic sylvan settings.

“You mean talking animals in the woods?” asks Orange Bear as he sits under the red maple tree.

In Miss Potter, Beatrix Potter is reinvented as Renée Zellweger (complete with hoity-toity accent) and her publisher-turned-sweetheart Norman Warne is cheerfully played by Ewan McGregor. The two stars make a memorable and appealing pair, and director Chris Noonan (Babe*) throws in a few tasteful bits of animated Potter illustrations to keep things lively.

Mrs. Crumpet loves the romantic Lake District scenery, but there are enough tall hats and overgrown muttonchops to satisfy everybody. (Yes, that’s you, Mr. Crumpet and Orange Bear.)

* Another Crumpet household favorite.

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