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A Monster? No, Just Misunderstood.

December 23, 2007

Cookie Monster is one of Orange Bear’s all-time heroes.

“He’s very controversial,” says Orange Bear.

Indeed he is. Cookies are high in trans fats — at least the good ones, anyway.

“Om-nom-nom, especially peanut butter cookie!”

That’s not all. As his alter ego Alistair Cookie of “Monsterpiece Theater” fame, Cookie Monster smoked a pipe…and then ate it. And did it again and again.

His indiscretions, however, did not begin and end with fatty cookies and briar pipes. In fact, the folks over at Muppet Wiki have comprehensively catalogued the many objects of Cookie Monster’s appetite. Yes, he ate the moon. Top that!

Sesame Street’s “If Moon Was Cookie”:

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