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Of Growleries and Turveydrops (Part III)

December 29, 2007

Anna Maxwell Martin’s performance as the resourceful heroine Esther Summerson anchors Bleak House from beginning to end. Martin’s consistently excellent work here won her many critical plaudits when the miniseries originally aired, and deservedly so. Her natural and unobtrusive style balances out some of the scenery-chewing supporting turns, such as Nathaniel Parker’s shiftless freeloader Harold Skimpole.

Esther Summerson: My So-Called Dickensian Life.

Esther has many scenes (a few in the growlery) with her guardian Mr. John Jarndyce, owner of Bleak House. As played by Denis Lawson, Mr. Jarndyce seems to be vying for the title of Nicest Guy in the World.

Mr. Jarndyce: Benignant expressions are his speciality.

There are many more wonderful characters and memorable performances in Bleak House. When, after eight hours, you finally bid adieu to your newfound TV friends, you’ll probably wish to revisit all of them sometime soon, preferably on a cold, wintry night.

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