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The Ministry of Bean Cakes

March 21, 2008

In a recent policy move unlikely to be copied by the U.S. — or any other country on this planet — Japan appointed a blue-and-white robot cat named Doraemon to be their ambassador of cartoons.

“Anime, not cartoons,” corrects Phil the Owl.


Apparently, Doraemon really, really likes Japanese treats called dorayaki, which are little pancakes filled with a sweet red bean paste.

When Mr. Crumpet and Orange Bear visited Japan, Orange Bear fell in love with a delicious bean cake known as imagawayaki (or obanyaki), a close cousin of the dorayaki.

“Definitely on my desert island food list,” says Orange Bear. “Along with honey dip Timbits, animal crackers, Dear Old Grandmum’s honing drops, cranberries, honey fritters, um, let me see here, salt water taffies…”

It’s a long list.

Imagawayaki means “Yum!”

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