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The Nosh of Champions

July 30, 2008

Twenty-four days after what’s been breathlessly dubbed by fans and various media outlets as “The Greatest Match EV-AR,” what did tennis aficionado Mr. Crumpet think of the 2008 Roger FedererRafael Nadal Wimbledon final? Does it still hold up now that the hype has melted away into that amorphous puddle of short-term pop culture memory?

Phil the Owl recorded the match for Mr. Crumpet β€” as he has been hiding under a rock, or a Long-Unfinished Project, these many months β€” so he was able to watch the whole multi-hour saga and skip over those dreaded rain delays. (Officially a thing of the past β€” a fancy-schmance retractable roof will be in place over Centre Court next year.)

So, Mr. Crumpet?

“I was wondering if they had a bite to eat or not during the rain delays. I should think that would be a very troublesome decision. Do you think they serve pancakes for the players?”

“Great insight,” says Orange Bear. “Who called him a tennis aficionado?”

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