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Pen Fancy II

October 15, 2008

Despite Phil the Owl’s all-digital advocacy, he’s been known to fancy a pen from time to time.

Phil’s currently got his eye on the Livescribe Pulse “smartpen,” a fancy little gadget that bridges the gap between the high-tech and the old-fashioned.

“You can digitize handwriting and record audio at the same time!” says Phil (rather breathlessly).

Mr. Crumpet is not as impressed.

“Oh, Phil, you and these new-fangled gadgets of yours. Haven’t you ever heard of John Isaac Hawkins’s polygraph? It’s the greatest pen invention ever, and it’s two hundred years old. You’d write a letter with one pen, and it’d simultaneously copy the letter in your handwriting with another pen.

“Now, isn’t that fantastic?”

“That’s what Xeroxes are for,” says Phil.

Gratuitous poll question:

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