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Reports of Radio Star’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

December 9, 2008

Phil the Owl’s old short-wave radio has been collecting dust ever since he started fiddling around with his fancy new Grace wireless internet radio.

“Thousands of radio stations from all over the world!* And it can stream music from your computer, even the ingenious Pandora radio web site.”

“Pandora, what’s that?” asks Milton Mole.

“It’s a site that’ll play music according to your specific tastes.”

“Ooh.” Milton, the professed analog aficionado, is intrigued.

“Now, where was I? Ah, yes, did you see how it’s all shiny and has lots of little buttons and knobs? Look at it!”


* (Phil says he’s particularly excited to listen to German radio as he claims to still have relatives in the Black Forest. But he doesn’t know a word of German. Well, except for the family name “Eule.”)

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