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The Search Continues

December 10, 2008

philphones.jpgWhen Phil the Owl’s in the air, he likes headphones that cut out the background noise. Easier said than done. He’s very, very picky, and he’s tested many, many pairs of headphones:

“I want them to cut out noise, but I prefer passive attenuation to active. The sound must be pure. And the cord can’t be too long because it’ll get in the way of my wings flapping, and then I might yank it. And I have a big head, so the headband needs to be flexible and big enough to fit, but not too bulky because that’ll just add to the wind resistance. And I’d like them to have a reasonable amount of bass without sounding too mushy…”

“OK, who brought up headphones?” sighs Orange Bear as he buries his face in his paws.

“And the ear pads need to be replaceable. The cord, too. I should be able to rotate the cups, and come to think of it, a drawstring pouch would be nice to protect the headphones from the elements when not in use. And I don’t like it when they’re too tight, too light, and too bright. And…”

(Phil would probably recommend visiting for all things headphones-related, but he’s a little distracted…with headphones.)

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