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A Mouse is a Mouse?

December 11, 2008

Phil the Owl likes mice. No, not that kind of mice. (Well, he likes those, too. But let’s talk about computer mice, please.)

As a matter of fact, the lowly but ubiquitous mouse is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this week. (In a related milestone just last week, Logitech’s one billionth mouse rolled off the assembly line.)

And although Phil touts the future of touch screens, webcams, Wiimotes, and other exotic, as-yet-revealed input devices—”I’ll only have to flutter a wing, and voilà!”—he still likes the mouse.

“Phil, I have a hunch you’re the same way with mice as you are with headphones,” says Mr. Crumpet. “Never quite satisfied.”


mx1100mouse.jpg“All right, I need a mouse. What’s a good one?”

“How about the cordless Logitech MX 1100? It looks like a spaceship and scrolls through web pages at hyper-speed. And it’s got a laser.”

“That’ll do.”

“Well…they could’ve made a Bluetooth version, and ultimately I think I prefer a symmetrical design over an ergonomic one. Oh, and it could use a charging dock…”

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