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Time Machine

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April 2011

Slumber Not, Pilgrim

July 2010

Paul the Mighty Octopus Oracle

December 2009

We’re Still Here

August 2009

No Worries
From the What Can’t Elephants Do? Files

July 2009

Powerful Whiskers

June 2009

“At the Zoo”
The Hat Makes the Man II

May 2009

Don’t Call Him the Goat

April 2009

String Quotage

March 2009

Taking It Easy (plus, Milton’s Musical Clip of the Week and a Word of the Week

February 2009

Milton’s Musical Clip of the Week: He Needs Me

January 2009

The Sunlit Uplands

December 2008

Does Phil Dream of Electric Reindeer?
And It Won’t Eat Your Doughnuts and Jam
Phil’s Wii Haiku
A Mouse is a Mouse?
The Search Continues
Reports of Radio Star’s Death Greatly Exaggerated
Equal to 40,000 Backseat Drivers in the Balance
They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To
Phil the Owl’s Seven Days of Electronic Marvels

November 2008

Sweepin’ the Clouds Away
Philately We Go

October 2008

World War I Flying Hound
Pen Fancy II

September 2008

The Hat Makes the Man
(Benighted) Word of the Week: Equinox
The End of the Beginning, Or, a Long-Unfinished Project Gets Finished
Moving History
The New Urban Workforce
Scientist Smash!
But What’s His Time on the 100 Meter?

August 2008

Not So Simple
He Was Surprisingly Light on His Feet
A Penny for Your Thoughts

July 2008

The Nosh of Champions
Flopsy, Mopsy, and Google

June 2008

Into the Wild
“Mr. Bear, Your Card is in the Mail”
Tora! Tora! Tora! at Torrey Pines
Sealed for Freshness

May 2008

A Bear and His Bike
Little Big Box

April 2008

The Science of Pants
Word of the Week: Flibbertigibbet

March 2008

A Warning or an Enticement?
Duck Duck Couture
The Ministry of Bean Cakes
Daylight “Saving” Time
These Booties are Made for Mushin’

February 2008

Leapin’ Lizards!
The People’s Choice

January 2008

A Master’s in Pogonics
In With the New

December 2007

Of Growleries and Turveydrops (Part III)
Of Growleries and Turveydrops (Part II)
Of Growleries and Turveydrops (Part I)
A Christmas Gift to the Nation
Eggnog 2: Electric Gogol-Mogoloo
A Monster? No, Just Misunderstood.
Timbit Cheer

November 2007

The Tortoise and the Bear

October 2007

The Tale of Miss Potter
Word of the Week: Mattoid

September 2007

Left in the Wash
Mrs. Cleveland, Where Are You?
Marmalade (Still) In, Marmite Out
Oh, Frightful Visage
“You Be Good, See You Tomorrow, I Love You”

August 2007

Catching Up (with Markhors)

July 2007

Uncle Sam vs. Sam the Eagle
A Face To Go With The Name

June 2007

The Gable
Breathless Anticipation
Connecticut Yankee
Stratego by way of Vermeer
The Unbearable Lightness of Pants
Bears and Rabbits and Elephants! Oh, my!
Claw-Tapping Tunes

May 2007

He Strikes Again
Mr. Crumpet and Dr. Recherché

April 2007

A Chimp By Any Other Name
The Tell-Tale ‘Stache
High-Falutin’ Talk
Mr. Baseball

March 2007

The Moles
Glamour Shot
Orange Bear Answers the Mail

February 2007

Update on the Long-Unfinished Project
Only the Shadow Knows

January 2007

All in the Family
Phil’s iPod Shuffle Haiku
The Whiz Kid
A Gourmand’s Delight
Little Bear, Big Sneeze
A Long-Unfinished Project

December 2006

Christmas in Top Hats
Of Mice and Bears
The Germans Were Coming
Graveyard of Dead Blogs
Phil’s Friend
Christmas in July

November 2006

Woe is Turkey
Will Ferrell’s Watch
The Future
A Gadget Explosion
“In Flanders Fields”
Guinness World Records Day
All Creatures Great and Greater
Conspicuous Consumption
A New Sheen for an Old Favorite

The Return

October 2006

Patches the Horse

September 2006

Artsy Whatsits
All Your Jenga are Belong to Us
Steve Irwin: 1962-2006

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

August 2006

Day Thirty: Maine
Day Twenty-Nine: London

Day Twenty-Eight: Switzerland

Day Twenty-Seven: Montana

Day Twenty-Six: Scotland

Day Twenty-Five: Amalfi Coast

Day Twenty-Four: Somerset, UK

Day Twenty-Three: Holland

Day Twenty-Two: Jerusalem

Day Twenty-One: Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Day Twenty: Ireland
Day Nineteen: Norway

Day Eighteen: Cape Peninsula

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Posting…

Day Seventeen: New Z
Day Sixteen: Gaspé Peninsula

Day Fifteen: Victoria, BC
Day Fourteen: Hokkaido

Day Thirteen: St. Petersburg

Day Twelve: Smoky Mountains

Day Eleven: Kyoto

Day Ten: Wales

Day Nine: Crater Lake

Day Eight: Seville

Day Seven: Monterey Peninsula

Day Six: Mauritius

Day Five: Venice

Day Four: Kodiak Island

Day Three: Cappadocia

Day Two: Patagonia

Thirty Days Around the World

July 2006

Pen Fancy
Better Than Porridge?

June 2006

End of an Era
Everyday Occurrence

In This Corner…

Is It Water-Resistant, Too?



Cat Beats Bear

Rescue Me

The Amazing Brainkin

Dander Begone

May 2006

Free Them!
Amazing! Astounding! Astonishing!

Tall Hat Diplomacy

An Enduring Friendship

Tearful Ending at Old Hilltop

No, it’s not about Russian politics

April 2006

Phil the Owl with Kung Fu Grip
A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma
Just Past San Francisco

I Recommend Pleasant

oinks! Like, that’s a giant dog!
Trojan Pandas

Giant Is As Giant Does

Frank’s Quest

Horseshoe of Fire

Catch Me If You Can

March 2006

Coolest Hat
Archie the Giant Squid

February 2006

Pancake Day
Don’t forget elephant soccer

But where’s the phone?

I, Bear

Twin Tales of Survival

Phil’s (Really) Big Brother

January 2006

Oh, the Dirigible!
Yellow Just Screams for Attention



Meet Phil

Rewind to the Beginning

December 2005

A True Story
100 Acres Are Still 100 Acres After 80 Years

Must Be Something In The Water

lnternauts Ahoy!

Loud Was The Voice Of The Lonely Goatherd


Green Eggs and Crumpets

November 2005

Orange Bear in Oh-Six!
And They Make Pretty Good Cheese, Too

To Dough or Do-nut?

The Québécois Bears

Squirrel Speaks English!

Of Pilgrims and Pancakes

Very, Very Small Strings

Woolly Thoughts

The Endurance

400 Years Ago Today

Are You A Sudokulist?
Kamchatka, Ho!

October 2005

How Many Taffies Will Fit In A Hat?
All I Want Is A Beard When I Grow Up
Bittersweet Bogs
I Say Flapjacks, You Say Hotcakes
Woodsy Folks

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