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The Hat Makes the Man II

June 2, 2009

The Crumpet household once again recently found itself drawn into another one of those fine BBC-Andrew Davies adaptations of classic literature. Little Dorrit, an eight-hour miniseries based on the Charles Dickens novel, stars Claire Foy as the titular character and Matthew MacFadyen as Arthur Clennam, who seems to be vying for the title of Nicest Guy in the World. (See Mr. Jarndyce in Bleak House.)

And once again, Mr. Crumpet found himself appreciating a simpler, gentler age when hats (particularly of the tall variety) were deemed so important, so essential to the day-to-day functioning of a civil society.

Orange Bear sighs. “Here we go again…”


Mr. Clennam: It’s the hat, isn’t it?

Don’t Call Him the Goat

May 31, 2009

In this our fourth installment of our (quite) occasional series on famous real-life critters, we turn the spotlight on William Windsor, a Kashmir goat, who retired this week from the British Army at the ripe old age of 9.

wwindsor.jpgWilliam Windsor, aka Billy (must be contractual), served as a lance corporal in 1st Battalion, the Royal Welsh (including a two-and-a-half year post in Cyprus) and performed his ceremonial duties as regimental goat by marching in front of the battalion. The tradition of the regimental goat dates back to America’s Revolutionary War and the Crimean War many decades later.

Billy the Goat will spend his golden years at Whipsnade Zoo, outside Dunstable in Central England.

String Quotage

April 13, 2009

Mr. Crumpet collects string. He’s not sure why, but he believes he has a cousin who collects rubber bands.

Mr. Crumpet also collects quotes about string. These are his two favorites:

A world without string is chaos.

Rudolph Smuntz, Mouse Hunt (1997)


On his deathbed, Morris Zelig tells his son that life is a meaningless nightmare of suffering, and the only advice he gives him is to save string.

The Narrator, Zelig (1983)

Taking It Easy (plus, Milton’s Musical Clip of the Week and a Word of the Week)

March 31, 2009

Mr. Crumpet and the gang haven’t gone anywhere. They’ve just been soaking up a lot of rays this year, and it might be going to their brains.

Well, they do plan on tackling real work at some point.

For now, Milton presents a fitting soundtrack to their collective torpor.


n. Fancy word for being lazy.

h/t to Mrs. Crumpet

Milton’s Musical Clip of the Week: He Needs Me

February 18, 2009

About MiltonIn a new feature, Milton Mole will showcase some of his favorite musical sequences from the silver screen.

“Will it really be weekly?” asks Orange Bear.

“As ‘weekly’ as our Word of the Week installment,” says Mr. Crumpet.


The Sunlit Uplands

January 31, 2009

Dear reader,

As you may have noticed, Mr. Crumpet and Orange Bear have been taking a break from their travels in internauting.

How long this intermission will last, only they know.

For now, they must go back to dreaming and practicing their two-step.

Does Phil Dream of Electric Reindeer?

December 24, 2008

When Orange Bear goes to bed this Christmas Eve night, he plans on counting reindeer to help him fall asleep.

“Actually, they won’t help me go to sleep at all. I just use them to visualize a positive outcome. Reindeer mean Santa Claus; Santa Claus means presents; and presents mean toys! Toys, toys, toys!”

“I just visualize the toys,” says Phil the Owl.