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Mr. Crumpet lives on his farm. Orange Bear lives in the woods near Mr. Crumpet’s farm.

Living in perfect harmony.

Their friendship began years ago when Mr. Crumpet got Orange Bear out of a sticky situation after he was caught sampling a neighbor’s cranberry bog. (That’s the short version, with a few details left out here and there.)

Mrs. Crumpet, she of a retiring nature, prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

About PhilPhil the Owl lives in a tree in the woods near Mr. Crumpet’s farm. He has an oversized head of which he is rather proud. He is also a gadget aficionado.

About Yevgeny

Dedushka Yevgeny, Orange Bear’s paternal grandfather, lives in the Big City to the Northwest. He calls from time to time to make observations about blinis, the ballet, and Dostoevsky.

About Milton

Milton Mole & Family are longtime (underground) neighbors of the Crumpet farm, Good Samaritans, and hairy-tailed moles, in no particular order. Milton is also a music aficionado.

Dear Old Grandmum lives in Holland and frequently sends packages of sweets, which Orange Bear eagerly devours upon arrival.

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